BASIC longbow

  • Unlike a simple series longbow, this bow has a sculptured handle wrist section, this helps to place hand at the same place from shot to shot. Limb core is made of Canadian maple, over years it is recognized as best wood for bow limb cores, it gives more stability, more durability and sweeter draw. For these bows more time is spent on making precise limb tiller/timing, this results in bow that has less vibrations and higher arrow speed for the same draw weight as simple series longbow. This longbow model has the highest price/performance ratio of our all longbow models.

    • Length: 66, 68, 70 inches
    • Draw weight: 15-60 pounds
    • Riser material: ash, oak, wenge, walnut, merbau, zebrano, bubinga
    • Limb material: Black glass on back of the bow, clear fiberglass with red gum, zebrano, walnut, olive, curly maple, ash, bocote, santos polisander veneer under. Canadian maple limb core
    • String: flemish twist B-55 string

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