DELUX longbow

  • Highest quality longbows that we offer. Compared to SIMPLE and BASIC series longbows these bows have extra power carbon laminate as standard. Power carbon gives extra arrow speed and less vibration for same bow's draw weight. These bows can be custom made to preferred draw weight, bow/draw length, wood choices, riser palm area shape and size. 

    Riser palm area size and shape is made to fit shooters hand. It is done by using photocopy of owners palm sent by email or visiting workshop and taking direct measurements.

    • BOW LENGTH: 66", 68", 70"
    • DRAW WEIGHT: 20-70#@28" AMO
    • RISER: zebrano, wenge, merbau, polisander, walnut, bubinga, hard maple, oak, ash, iroko, actionwood etc., palm area made to fit shooters palm
    • LIMBS: hard maple core with power carbon laminate, clear fiberglass laminate with exotic veneer under or black fiberglass on back and belly. 
    • VENEER OPTIONS: ziricote, bubinga, zebrano. birdseye maple, olive, ash, walnut, merbau, iroko, bocote, crossgrain actionwood, elm, etc.
    • STRING: Flemish twist two color or endless loop string made of Fast Flight plus, brass nocking point, fur string silencers as option

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