• RDL (reflex - deflex longbow).

    Well executed, classic style longbow model with multiple customization options. More radical reflex-deflex limb profile for greater arrow speed or for use of heavier arrows with no speed loss. Meets IFAA and WA longbow rules. Available in RIGHT hand, LEFT hand and BOTH hand versions. Tillered for split finger (SF) or three under (3U) draw. Carbon limb options. Grip style options. Socket and sleeve takedown system option.


    • BOW LENGTH: 66", 68", 70"
    • DRAW WEIGHT: 15-60#@28" AMO
    • RISER: Arrow shelf cut to center to meet longbow rules, can be cut past center if FR4 material is used in riser or if that is low poundage bow. Grip stippling option. Laser engraved belly overlays, moose antler coins etc.
    • LIMBS: Black glass or clear glass limbs with wood veneer under. European ash, hard maple or bamboo core options. Single, double or triple carbon limb options. Bearpaw stabilcore laminate option. 
    • STRING: Endless lopp Fast Flight plus or BCY SPECTRA 652 string. BCY 3D end serving. BCY 62xs center serving. Flemish twist string option. Tie on nocking point.
    Draw length Recommened bow length
    <28" 66"
    28"- 30" 68"
    30"- 32" 70"