• HRL - Heavy riser longbow

    Designed as more universal longbow. Will be good choice for competition shooting because of more massive and so more stable riser, and also good choice for hunting/recreational shooting because of shorter bow length (compared to real competition longbows). 

    Limb construction: 

    • unidirectional high modulus carbon back
    • stabilcore laminate for extra torsional stability
    • bamboo core
    • black Gordon composites glass belly
    • more pronounced reflex/deflex limb design for better arrow speed and smoother draw

    Riser construction:

    • Massive design and FR4 material for extra riser weight. (bow mass ~1600gram)
    • Grip height options (low, medium, high), grip style options (flat or convex), grip size (large >EU12, medium EU8-EU12, small
    • In standard cut to center to meet WA, IFAA longbow rules. Can be cut 1/8" past center
    • Sight window cut style options (to meet WA or IFAA rules)
    • Laser engraved antler or metal medalion options
    • Grip stippling and metal insert option


    • Bow length 64" 66" 68"
    • Draw weight 20# - 60#
    • Limb tiller for split finger (SF) or three under (3U) draw styles
    • Endless loop string made of Spectra BCY, BCY 3D  String serving thicknes customization option to fit your arrow nock size.
    • Take down option available
    • Budget version with cheaper Bearpaw glass and/or no high modulus carbon and/or no FR4 riser. (available from year 2024)