• Forward riser design one piece recurve bow.

     Designed for good arrow speed and shooting stability. These bows are more stable than classic traditional recurve bows because of higher bracing height that gives better arrow clearence and forward riser that makes bow less torque sensitivite in grip. Arrow speed is about the same or better because of more pronounced limb profile and smaller limb tips. Thick mycarta/G10 accent lines in riser gives extra stifness, weight and durability - they might be called as backbone of riser. And lastly forward riser makes bow perform like longer bow because that forward riser/higher bracing height reduces dynamic draw length. This might be useful in hunting/3d shooting where shorter - more manoeuvrable bow is advantage.

    In standard bow comes with installed shelf and strike plate, string with cat whisker silencers, brass or tie on nocking point, bow stringer.

    In standard center cut is 1/8" past center (~3.0mm). For additional cost it can be cut up to 3/16" (4.7mm) past center. To do this extra reinorcement material in riser is added and there might be also some draw weight limitations.

    Inserts for bow quiver, sight or stabilizer etc. are an option.

    All bows are made according to AMO standard

    • BOW LENGTH: 56", 58", 60", 62"
    • DRAW WEIGHT: 20-65#@28" AMO
    • RISER: Wenge, Bubinga, Merbau, Walnut, Hard maple, Ash, Oak, Iroko, Zebrano, Polisander,CWP Actionwood, SaRaiFo actionwood, Mycarta.
    • LIMBS: Hard maple or bamboo core, Stabilcore composite laminate, Clear or Black fiberglass laminates, Decorative veneer under clear fiberglass
    • LIMB VENEER OPTIONS: Olive ash, Curly bubinga, Ziricote, Santos polisander, Zebrano,CWP Actionwood, Walnut, Elm, Bocote, Lima, Red gum, macasar ebony, color dyed maple or birch
    • STRING: Fast Flight Plus flemish twist string or BCY Spectra endless loop string with brass nocking point or tie on nocking point. String thickness in standard is made to fit carbon/aluminium arrow nocks. Please specify if you plan to use wood arrows, then string will be made thicker.
    Draw length                      Recommended bow length
    <26" 56"
    26"- 28" 58"
    28"-30" 60"
    >30" 62"

    But you can step one bow length size up if prefer more smoother/comfortable draw or one length size down if prefer better manoeuvrability in woods, compactness for transporting.