About Us

Zvers Archery is small traditional archery equipment manufacturing company in Europe, Latvia and is run by one person -Maris Zvers.

Maris Zvers is a former transportation engineer who at some point in life decided to be his own boss and turned his bow making hobby in full-time job. It all begun at age of 14 when  he started to make selfbows -bows that can be made without large investments but just by simple hand tools like axe, drawknife, spokeshave etc.. Later when workshop was upgraded with necessary power tools he started to make laminated wood bows and for last 5 years also modern composite material bows, which is main product that is offered for customers at this point. 

Mindset of Zvers Archery is to use work specific industrial tools, different jigs and fixtures, productive working methods etc. to produce products with good price/performance ratio. Bows are made first of all to be functional and look is only some 3rd or 4th. In our taste good-looking comes from being functional, similar like it is for planes. Reason why most planes look so beautiful is because they are designed to be practical and functional and have no unnecessary parts because every spared kilogram in air saves fuel and money. For our bows it is the same. They might not be the best bows in the world but for the price they could be so.

If you are interested in any of our products, then please contact us at zversarchery@gmail.com.

Kind regards,

Maris Zvers