Q:How can I buy your bows?
A: In stock bows are listed in ETSY shop. If you can't find bow that you like there then it have to be custom made? For regular bows I don't take any deposit money and You can pay when bow is finished and ready to be sent out. 

Q:  What are customization options? What information should I provide to you?
A: Here is information that I need to know to make a bow:

  1. What BOW MODEL do You want?
  2. What DRAW WEIGHT bow do You want?
  3. What BOW LENGTH do You need? Or what is your draw length?
  4. Should bow be made for RIGHT hand, LEFT hand or BOTH HAND shooting?
  5. What TILLER should bow be made for? SPLIT finger shooting or THREE UNDER (also stringwalking) shooting?
  6. What WOOD/COLOR/MATERIAL you would like this bow to be made of? How do you want bow to look? Do you want metal or laser engraved antler medallion in riser? Available material options you can best see at my instagram page where are listed many bows that are made of different materials.
  7. Do you need INSERTS for bow quiver, sight, stabilizer, plunger?
  8. What type of STRING do you want? Flemish twist or endless loop string? As standard bows are having flemish twist strings.
  9. What material arrows do you plan to use? (wood or carbon/aluminum). This will determine string thickness and nocking height. As standard bows are having string thickness for carbon/aluminium shafts.
  10. It is possible to do grip STIPPLING. Should it be done?
  11. I will need shipping address and valid phone number for courier.
  12. What is your glove size for determinung grip size for bow? In standard bows are made for medium/large grip ( 8EU/9EU) that will fit most of the hand sizes.
    *Additional information  for each option You can find in web page INFO section

Q: What are wood/material options? 
A: Wood options for risers and limbs are listed in each bows product description. There is also article about riser and limb patterns in page INFO section.

Q: Is there any wood chart for material/color comparison?
A: There is no wood comparison chart. I once made it but wood in chart and in real life finished bow looked different and such chart is misleading. At this moment I am updating page gallery section with photos how different materials look in finished bow. There aren't all materials shown but I am working on that. Those wood species that you can find in galley you can try to google. They should look very similar.

Q: How are bows shipped? What are shipping cost?
A: All bows are shipped in wooden boxes for safe travel. Most of the time I am using EMS courier service and shipping price to your country you can check at their web page price calculator (link copy/pasted in 06.02.2020). https://expresspasts.lv/en/price-calculator/  Country FROM is Latvia. Weight of package is 3-4.5kg for single bow. BUT longbows can be shipped only to EUROPE. Oversea shipping for longbow is possible but that will be very expensive.

Q:  When my ordered bow will be finished?
A: Depending on waiting line ordered bow will be finished in 1- 4 months.

Q: Can I make any changes in my order after you have started making it?
A: Yes, that can be done but contact me! Depending of what type of change that is and at what stage of making I am it can or can't be done.